SP EI 60 DP1–S

This type of fireproof distribution box is designated for hanging on plaster.

The cable entry opening into the box can be prepared in the back of the box, as well as in the ceiling or at the box bottom. Proper fire sealing must be carried out by a qualified and certified person. The maximum cut-out may be up to 75% of the area.

The role of the fireproof distribution box treatment is to prevent the spread of fire from the inside of the distribution box to a protected escape route.

  • Tested and certified by the PAVUS a.s. testing centre in Prague according to Government Regulation No. 163/2002 Coll., as amended, product group 10, 14.
  • The box complies with ČSN 73 0810, ČSN 73 0848, ČSN EN 1634-1 standards
  • Fire resistance EI60, DP1–S
  • Protection level IP 54
  • Possible installation of ventilation system
  • Door hinge on the right (upon request on the left)
  • Smoke-tight treatment
  • The entire inner space of the box is lined with a fireproof plate of flame resistance Class A1
  • The surface is treated with RAL 6035, light grey powder technology; other treatment can be executed upon agreement
  • Each box is accompanied by a Declaration of Conformity and Assembly Instructions
  • Inlets and outlets are placed at the top or at the bottom, alternatively in the back of the box
  • Possible installation of instrument grid, electricity meter case or mounting plate
  • Delivery of atypical dimensions after consultation

You can choose the following accessories for these boxes

  • Instrument grid + cover plates with cut-out, without cut-out
  • mounting plate
  • Electricity meter preparation (electricity meter case, electricity meter plate, DIN rails with covering plate with cut-out, without cut-out)
  • Ventilation system